Deliverables - Public Access p4

D/M Deliverable/Milestone Date due Natyre Dissemination level Status
WP6.1 Verification of European bottom-up models
D6.1.2 Report on inferential methodology for upscaling measurements for fine (temporal and spatial) scales to national and continental (spatial) and annual (temporal) scale Jul-08 Report Public Completed
D6.1.3 Wet deposition maps for Europe, based on measurements May-10 Other Public Completed
WP6.2 Inverse-modelling of European N2O and CH4 emissions
D6.2.2 Report on available atmospheric measurements from CHIOTTO and other networks Jul-07 Report Public Completed
WP6.3 Uncertainty of European N and GHG emissions
D6.3.2 Reports on the importance of input data quality for regional upscaling based on selected case studies May-07 Report Public Completed
D6.3.3 An updated protocol detailing agreed procedures for UQ/UA. Jan-08 Report Public Completed (combined with D3.1.4)
D6.3.4 Progress report on preparation for UQ of the three sources of information used in A6.3: (i) results from bottom-up GIS modelling (C5) (ii) estimates based on independent measurements (A6.1), (iii) results from top-down inverse modelling (A6.2) Jul-08 Report Public Completed
D6.3.5 Discussion document presenting methodology for the key ultimate objective of C6.3 (combining results into an overall best estimate for European emissions, with uncertainty), to clarify how the results from C5 & C6.1-2 will be used. Jul-08 Report Public Completed
D6.3.6 Deaft paper on the results of the UQ/UA of detailed ecosystem models and INTEGRATOR at the regional/European scale Jan-11 Other Public Completed
WP6.4 Verification of official inventories and improvement of IPCC methodology
D6.4.1 Report on the preliminary comparison of official inventories, NEU tools and independent estimates for test regions Jul-08 Report Public Completed
D6.4.4 Report on stakeholde interviews Apr-10 Report Public Completed
D6.4.5 Report on NEU recommendations for a 'Tier 2' Methodology Dec-10 Report Public Completed
D6.4.6 Summary report on NEU approaches to verify national GHG inventories Jan-11 Report Public Completed
WP7 NEU Standards & Data Management
D7.1 NitroEurope Data Management Plan Apr-06 Report Public Completed
D7.5 Report on NEU databases and -centres for guidance of site operators and NEU partners Sep-08 Report Public Completed
D7.7 Final report on NEY databases and centres detailing the submission ststus and database consistency and future use/data security Jan-11 Report Public Completed
D7.8 Peer-reviewed article on user friendly interactive database software for time series data Apr-11 Other Public Completed
D7.9 Peer-reviewed article on integrated databases for European agricultural landscapes Apr-11 Other Public Completed
WP8 NEU Management
D8.2 Report of EAG to SSC (plus for information to EC) May-06 Report Public Completed
D8.4 First contract report to the EC, inc. updated Detailed Implementation Plan Feb-07 Report Public Completed
D8.5 Report on the Science Conference held back-to-back with the 3rd GA. Aug-08 Report Public Completed
D8.7 4th contract report to the EC, including the updated Detailed Implementation Plan Feb-10 Report Public Completed
D8.8 5th (final) contract report to the EC Apr-11 Report Public Completed
D8.9 A final EAG report to accompany the final project report Apr-11 Report Public Completed
D8.10 A final report on recommendations from the Gender Action Committee Apr-11 Report Public Completed
WP9 NEU Training
D9.1 Young scientists trained in CN pool and flux techniques Jan-07 Other Public Completed
D9.4 Report on NitroResolution 2008 Jan-08 Report Public Completed
D9.6 Report on the second NEU summer school Jul-08 Report Public Completed
D9.7 Report on the YSF conference science communications workshop Sep-08 Report Public Completed
D9.8 Nitrogen communications website May-10 Other Public Completed


Report from 2nd Nitrogen Communications Workshop Nov-10 Report Public Completed
D9.10 Report from policy workshop at the Final Conference Apr-11 Report Public Completed
WP10 NEU Dissemination
D10.3 Publicity leaflet published Apr-07 Report Public Completed
D10.10 Special Issue emerging from Open Science Conference May-10 Other Public Completed
D10.11 Website and call for papers for Final Conference published May-10 Other Public Completed
D10.12 Fully detailed communication strategy for Final Conference published Sep-10 Other Public Completed
D10.13 High level summary papers on NitroEurope findings published in high impact journals Apr-11 Other Public Completed
D10.14 Press release and policy documents from the Final Conference published Apr-11 Other Public Completed