NEU Kick-off meeting Garmisch-Partenkirchen, March 13-17, 2006


NEU Kick Off Meeting Agenda


Welcome Speach:

NitroEurope Concept - Presented by Mark Sutton (NEU Coordinator)

Keynote Speakers:

NEU context & official opening - presented by Giovanni Angeletti (DG Research)

Development of European nitrogen policies - presented by Michel Sponar (DG Environment)

European carbon fluxes, N interactions and the experience of CarboEurope IP - presented by Annette Freibauer

Perspectives on reactive nitrogen and the environment - presented by Arvin Mosier

Component Presentations:

Component 1: Advances in N flux methods & application in NEU - presented by Eiko Nemitz

Component 1: N flux measurements and the NEU flux network - presented by Ute Skiba

Component 2: Ecosystem manipulation to understand N interactions with global change - presented by Claus Beier

Component 3: The application of plot-scale models to interpret N and GHG exchange processes - presented by Klaus Butterbach-Bahl

Component 4: Landscape scale assessment of nitrogen interactions - presented by Pierre Cellier

Component 5: Assessing European Nitrogen and GHG fluxes, including scenarios - presented by Wim de Vries

Component 6: Verification of European Nitrogen fluxes - presented by Jan Willem Erisman

Component 7: Managing Data in NEU: Policy and implementation - presented by Anne de Rudder

Component 8: NEU Management & Dissemination - presented by Stefan Reis

Component 9: Gender Committee - presented by M. Francesca Cotrufo

Component 9: Web Portal - presented by Bill Bealey

Component 9: Young Scientists' Forum - presented by Mark Theobald

Special Topic - Parallel Group Sessions:

WG2 Reduced N and Aerosol Fluxes Report

WG3 Landscape Flux Verification Report

WG4 Contrasting Effects of N on the Plant and Soil C Report

WG5 GHG Fluxes and Wetlands Report

WG6 Closing the N budget - Denitrification and Leaching Report

WG7 Uncertainty Assessment Report

WG8 Organic Nitrogen Synthesis Report